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My needs were dealt with strongly, just nudged again and again and then I tried a lot, sometimes ran metaphorically against the wall, but then analyzed the errors together and then the next attempt came.
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Online Counseling and Therapy with a Licensed Psychologist

Feeling lonely, hurt, stressed, and frustrated can be too overwhelming for yourself to handle. It drains your energy physically and mentally. You don’t feel like doing anything and end up being a potato on the couch. Not because you choose to, but because your situation dictates you. Many people experience the same exact thing and attempt to seek help.

Friends and family may be the first circle you’ll talk to. On occasion, they give solid advice that helps you immediately. Sometimes, you take their advice just because you are tired of being told to, even though you don’t think it will help. In some cases, you ignore what they say because you feel like nobody understands you.

This happens one day, second day, first week, next week, and it has been happening in your life for as long as you can remember. The problem doesn’t seem to go away. If anything, it gets worse and you can’t see it ends anytime soon. It gets in the way between you and your path to success.

Nobody chooses to have problems. But they are there anyway, pushing you down and they start to interfere with your life. Things appear to be bleak and dark, they wear you down. You don’t know what to do, nor has anybody taught you how to deal with them.

It's not your fault!

It is not your fault. No one is born with the ability to manage their own emotions as they grow. No one has the ability to always know the solution when problems arise. Even the toughest individual can break down when the problems outweigh them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve the good life you want and get the best out of it. No, you don’t have to bear it alone. Some people are unlucky for not being able to find professional help.

The problems are too overwhelming and have brought them down to the point that they do not have the energy to look for a counselor, drive there, find a parking spot, attend a session, and then back.

But thanks to the age of the internet and digital world we are living today, an expert’s help is just at the tip of your finger. Emotional-focused counseling is now everyone can have from the comfort of their home.

Online therapy and counseling psychology that works

Online psychological counseling and therapy can help you understand yourself, express yourself better, learn how to handle the problem, and manage emotional breakdown when problems are getting out of hand. Those are skills you can learn that are very beneficial to your future. You can apply those skills directly after a session, one day after, the week after that, even fifty years in the future. Your therapist can monitor your growth and recommend you how to be your better self.

You will benefit the same exact thing from an online therapy as if you are in presence with the therapist in a room. What you need is a stable internet connection and call +49 178 / 812 25 84 to have a direct conversation with me. If you prefer writing words, write me an email that describes your situation and send it to Do it now. Not later, not when you are in the mood, not when you feel like it. You have suffered enough, let ease your burden. I am waiting for your call.

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The first easy step to feel better

Emotional breakdown does not come in schedule. Most of the time they arrive abruptly and you need immediate help. With online therapy, it takes only hours for me to reach back to you. There is no need to get up from bed if you don’t feel like it. Whenever you are near a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can get in touch with me and I will do my best to help you. Start the first step to make you feel better with less effort.

Regain your best moments in life with online therapy

Some memories you are fond of were once the best moments in your life you wished they never faded away. Unfortunately, things are not always pleasant. Along your pathway in life, some roadblocks are getting in your way. Some of them are easy to remove, but others will need more than a helping hand. 

When you are stuck in an unpleasant moment in your life, it can lead to negative feelings such as pessimistic, feeling trapped, and stressed.

Online counseling with a psychologist can help you navigate those feelings and redirect your walk towards the better side of the road. Now is a good time to regain those best moments you had.

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