I was satisfied that Mr. Linez understood me in a personal opinion and way of thinking and also support what I could not expect from other therapists and psychologists. I also find it advantageous for people who have a religious background to go to Mr. Linez for advice because not only he does a good job as a psychological counselor but is also available as a close brother with advice and action. I thank you. Keep it up. And I wish you successful work for your whole life.
I. R

Expert Help for Your Stressing Problems

Diploma in Psychology

Philip Linez finshed his studies with a Diploma in Psychology from the University Mannheim. He focused on Sozial Psychology, Soziology and also took his time time to learn relaxation methods like progressive muscele relaxation, autogenic training and mindfulness behavior.

Certified Couple Therapist

As a person who focuses on treating relationship problems and helping clients to overcome their issues, Philip Linez is willing to go deeper and treat the core of your problems to deliver the best solutions. He acquired his certification from Systemic Institute Heidelberg (SIH), Germany, under the mentorship of the well-known expert in the field, PD Dr. Arnold Retzner.

Listens to Understand

Two heads are better than one. A great listener can shift a tense situation into a much cooler and controlled one. Not only is listening essential to solve the problem, but also crucial to understand you and your situation. This will generate well-discussed steps before putting them into action. Instead of listening to reply, Philip Linez listens to understand you.

Goes the Extra Miles

Finding a psychological counseloer and couples therapist who connects with you is hard. But finding another one who is willing to take extra steps to ensure that your problem is over for once and all is even harder. Philip Linez will take any means necessary to identify your core problems, help you end them, and support you to rise higher to be a better individual. He simply goes the extra miles.

Can online counseling and couples therarpy
be effective?

The answer is yes! Counselors and couples therapists work with words. 

Neither physical contact nor examination is required. 

You can benefit the exact same thing from online counceling or couples therapy as if you are in the praxis room. 

Online counseling and couples therapy offers more flexibility, comfort, and anonymity, while delivering real benefit for

your life quality and relationship.

Psychologist Philip Linez

Want to Know If Philip Linez Can Help?

Overwhelming problem is not to be taken lightly. When help from friends and family cannot help you overcome a crisis, it is time to seek professional help.

Philip Linez strives to give you the best practice of couples therapy, psychological counseling, and personal mentoring to improve your situation. Take your phone, call +49 178 / 812 25 84 and have a direct conversation with him. See if he is a good fit to help you solve your problem.

Systemic Couple Therapy

Systemic couple therapy and counseling that help you and your partner to overcome a crisis, establish a solid relationship, and make well-thought decisions. Family therapy and marriage therapy are also part of systemic couples therapy.

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Psychological Counseling

Communicative psychological counseling to help you get a deeper insight into your situation, manage your emotions in times of distress, and eventually improve your well-being. Now is time to see a clear path of success and happiness you deserve.

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Personal Mentoring

A shortcut to your success with an assist from a psychologist. Consecutive personal counseling and mentoring to help you reach your goals faster. Every session is designed to help you become a high performing and high achieving individual.

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A psychologist who listens to your problem at unusual time

I had two consultations over the phone about sleep problems.

Before Mr. Linez advised me, he asked me about my problem in detail and also let me formulate clear and measurable goals.

Then he gave me tips on how I can best pursue my goals and how best to take things seriously.

For example, he asked me to write a contract, which I almost conclude with myself, noting that I am working piece by piece to get my sleep rhythm under control.

Over the course of the following weeks, Mr. Linez asked me again and again what the contract was like, because I was always delaying the formulation.

I really appreciate that Mr. Linez fully addressed and listened to my problem. Where many others in my life have said "get your life under control and go to sleep normally", Mr. Linez really tried to help me. He also didn't just refer to pills or medication, but wanted me to solve the problem on my own.

I can recommend to everyone with a clear conscience to visit the Linez practice if there is a need for speech. (He was also available at unusual times, which helped me with the sleep disorder).

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Mannheim, Germany

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